Website Twitter Birth CHiCOs year of birth and any further information of her early life is currently unknown or not publicly revealed. Her birth was privately held and only shown to be on a January 27. Biography CHiCO is a female japanese singer that is currently under the label: MusicRayn Inc. While growing up CHiCO was very interested in anison a term used to abbreviate Anime song but is also used generally when referring to anime music that has a focus on opening and ending theme songs. Upon entering high school she was introduced to a voice training teacher by an acquaintance she knew at the time this pushed her to become a professional singer. In the summer of 2013 CHiCO entered the national singer audition Utakatsu specializing in Anison and Vocaloid hosted by Sony Music Entertainment SD Group. She won the grand prize at the contest which led to a decision to collaborate with the creator group HoneyWorks On the 6th of August 2014 CHiCO debuted with the opening theme song for the anime Ao Haru Ride named Sekai wa Koi Ni Ochiteiru under the guise of CHiCO with HoneyWorks. This was her official debut as a singer. On the 18th of November 2015 CHiCO together with HoneyWorks released their first album named Sekai Ha i Ni Michiteiru. This was CHiCOs first ever album release and the album sold 24000 copies during its first week of sale. Avatar CHiCOs current avatar that of the young woman with pink and blonde ombre hair and blue eyes was created by HoneyWorks members with Rocoru as the character designer and Yamako as the primary illustrator. Sources: artist info artist info for anison term artist/group info