まふまふ, Kagami Mite Shisshin-P (鏡見て失神P), Manun-chan (まぬんちゃん)
Birth:Oct 18, 1991
Years active:2010-Present
Website Blog JP Twitter YouTube Piapro Introduction: Mafumafu alternatively known as Kagami Mite ShisshinP is a Japanese vocalist lyricist composer arranger vocaloid producer and audio engineer. He is better known as a utaite with a middlehigh range voice. Biography: As a utaite he likes to add effects to his voice and scream loudly in his covers. He has a very wide vocal range and a versatile voice having the ability to hit and leap into high notes effortlessly sometimes to feminine range without sounding strained or loosing the softness in his voice. However he also sounds pleasant when he sings songs in his regular and lower voice which can sound relaxing and quite soothing. On some of his covers many people are often confused and argue about his gender when he utilizes his higher register therefore making him a ryouserui. Because of his high vocal range he is also capable of producing a very convincing female voice most clearly seen in his cover of Matryoshka. He often makes use of his wide range in his covers by leaping into higher or lower octaves to match the tone of the song. Occasionally he forgets some of the lyrics and either mumbles or makes cute noises until the next line. His songs are often tagged as someone with a kakuseirui also known as an energizing voice.