Jirou Kuwata

Associate Names: Jiro Kuwata Birth Place: Suita Osaka Prefecture Japan Birth Date: April 17 1935 Death Date: July 2 2020 Zodiac: Aries Gender: Male Kuwata was merely 13 when he made his manga debut 1948 with the book Kaiki Seidan. In 1957 he had his breakthrough with Maboroshi Tantei which was adapted into a popular tv show. His next big hit followed in 1963 with 8 Man. However the series came to an abrupt end when Kuwata struggling with depression was arrested for possessing a hand gun in 1965 and his assistants had to finish the final instalments by themselves. They were not well received. After this episode Kuwata would continue creating action and scifi manga of varying popularity all the while still struggling with depression and alcoholism. In 1977 he had an epiphany and converted to Buddhism a move which reflects in his works since then. Source: MU