Akira Daikuhara

大工原章, Akira Okuwara, Akira Daikubara
Birth:Nov 23, 1917
Death:Jun 17, 2012
Akira Daikuhara was an animation director a person who laid down the genesis of Japanese animation. Established a totally different style for every piece of work and worked as an animation director for many early feature length animation films at Toei Doga current Toei Animation Co. Ltd. with his versatile technique and speed. There are a lot of younger staff who set out on their own with improved skills which were developed under his flexible coaching. He was involved in a various old hit films such as with original drawings of The White Snake Ehchantress Kid Magician Sasuke and Adventure of Sindbad and as the animation director for Doggie March Fables From Hans Christian Andersen and Alibaba and The Forty Thieves. He received a Special Achievement Price for his lifework at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2006. Source: aniDB