Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Formed: 2013 Genres: Rock Hard Rock Metal Heavy Metal Introduction: BandMaid stylized as BANDMAID and formerly as BANDMAID is a fivepiece allfemale Japanese rock group signed to Gump Records an imprint of the Shibuyabased Platinum Passport artist management and talent agency itself a division of Avex Group. Biography: Since their formation BandMaid has regularly performed live at various venues around the Tokyo area. The group released their debut minialbum MAID IN JAPAN in January 2014. Later this year the band released their single Ai to Jnetsu no Matador Love Passion Matador internationally and in November 2015 their second minialbum New Beginning followed. In May 2016 BandMaid released their third minialbum and first major label album Brand New Maid and in October and November the band went on their first tour which took them to Mexico Hong Kong and six countries in Europe. In January 2017 BandMaid released their first fulllength album Just Bring It Members: Miku Kobato rhythm guitar backing vocals occasional lead vocals 2013 Kanami Tno lead guitar backing vocals 2013 Akane Hirose drums backing vocals 2013 Misa stylized as MISA bass 2013 Saiki Atsumi lead and backing vocals 2013