Twitter Youtube rerulili also known as ToushahiP P and his real name Sasaki Kouhei is a producer who started publishing original Vocaloid songs back in 2009. He has created a number of songs using a wide variety of Vocaloids. However he is best known for his songs using Miku GUMI and Len. He also created many GUMI V3 demo songs. He was born on September 26. He lives in Tokyo has blood type A and is 184 cm tall. His hobbies are cooking and cleaning. Some of rerulilis most notable collaboration series include Jigokugata Ningen Doubutsuen which features songs of various producers following the Girl theme and the Kotonoha Project. Jigokugata Ningen Doubutsuen has received a manga adaptation and Kotonoha Project has received a light novel adaptation. Source: Vocaloid Wiki