Shunichi Tanabe


Date of Birth: June 25, 1987
Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

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Shunichi Tanabe is the writer, composer, vocalist and guitarist of the band BLUE ENCOUNT.

Born in Kagoshima Prefecture, raised in Kumamoto Prefecture, he graduated from the Kumamoto City, Hanazono Elementary School, after which he finished Kumamoto City, Iori Junior High School, and then proceed to drop out of Kumamoto National College of Technology. In elementary school he was a member of the soccer team, while in junior high he was a ghost member and the captain of the badminton team.

Shunichi's trademark black-rimmed glasses contain no lenses, as he uses contact lenses in combination with these empty glasses.

In the band Shunichi is the only member without a driver's license, he is also a very extroverted individual, as he likes to bond through the acts of skinship.