Shutaro Oku

Born 1975 in Tokyo Shutaro Oku has previously directed the fulllength feature films KAION Labor Cop Japanese Naked Tribe Akasen Cains Descendant officially selected for the Berlin International Film Festival and Death of Domomata. In between his theatrical releases he directed Tenshochi a documentary focusing on the rare talents of theatre directors Yukio Ninagawa Hideki Noda and Mashide Komaki. Shutaro Oku has continued to challenge the possibilities of film expression with his motto In process of creating the Film shooting editing and screening must be innovative. He has participated as visual designer for such plays as Elizabeth and MOZART for the Takarazuka Revue and for NODA MAP productions among many more. He has also directed the stage productions Black CatRed ShoesKimidori and Freaks fusing projected footage with live performances to create vibrantly original theatrical experiences. source MAL Website: