A応P, Anime Oen Project
Website Blog Twitter Facebook YouTube AOP AP commonly known as Anime Oen Project where Oen refers to cheering up someone in their native language is a Japanese idol group consisting of 7 members as of August 2 2020 who love anime. The group recommends anime and talks about its appeal through TV radio magazines events and the Internet. They also frequently sing and dance to anime songs. AOP has a unique theme to their group which is that every member is assigned a color upon becoming a part of the roster rather than a stage name. Members: Yuna Asahi Member Color: Purple Hinaki Kudo Member Color: Lavender Rin Kojima Member Color: Yellow Yukina Tsutsumi Member Color: Light Green Non Harusaki Member Color: Red Yuuki Hirose Member Color: Orange Seena Hoshiki Member Color: Blue Former Members: Yuriko Hisaki Graduated: February 28 2013 Misae Komori Graduated: July 31 2015 Saki Shimizugawa Graduated: July 31 2015 Marina Amane Graduated: December 31 2015 Saori Ogino Graduated: March 31 2017 Risa Sakurana Graduated: March 31 2017 Eriko Kawakami Graduated: January 31 2018 Yui Fukuo Graduated: June 30 2018 Aoi Mizuki Graduated: March 1 2019 Kei Tomoe Graduated: August 2 2020