Uso to Kameleon

嘘とカメレオン, USO-KAME, 嘘カメ, Lie and a Chameleon
Website Twitter YouTube Instagram Spotify Soundcloud Formed: 2014 Introduction: Uso to Kameleon also internationally known as Lie and a Chameleon otherwise nicknamed Usokame stylized as USOKAME is a Japanese fivepiece rock band under record label KING RECORDS 2018 and Heart Read Records 2017. Biography: Their first music video uploaded to YouTube hitting 6 million views becomes the trigger of their breakthrough which leads to their major debut in September of 2018. As a result a flood of tieup offers rushes in and it is decided that they will appear as the performers of theme songs to a TV drama and a popular game app while also making their mark at various summer festivals such as ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL and BAYCAMP which resulted in tickets flying off the shelves and venues becoming packed. It is said that the performance of the bewitched vocalist Cham . and the play of the guitarist with moves Watanabe are a must see and as such the band Lie and a Chameleon is a band with great impact when it comes to visuals and of course audio. Members: Cham. vocalist and lyricist Sousuke Watanabe guitarist and incharge of choral composition Asahi Shibue bassist Yuuta Sugeno guitarist Takumi Aoyama drummer Former Members: Yuuki Takura drummer 20142015 Sources: Usokame Official Website edited Wikipedia JP edited