Hikaru Hayashi

Hayashi Hikaru born October 22 1931 in Tokyo was a contemporary Japanese composer pianist and conductor. He was the cousin of flutist Hayashi Ririko. Hayashi entered Tokyo University of the Arts as a composition student but did not complete his studies. Studying under Otaka Hisatada he produced many compositions including orchestral works. In particular he is noted for his choral suite Scenes from Hiroshima 19582001. In exploring the possibilities of Japanese language opera Hayashi has composed more than 30 operas. He was artistic director and resident composer of the Opera Theatre Konnyakuza. His oeuvre also included symphonic works works for band chamber music choral works songs and more than 100 film scores. Hayashi was the author of more than 20 books including Nihon Opera no Yume The Dream of Japanese Opera. In 1998 Hayashi won the 30th Suntory Music Award.