Roselia, ロゼリア
Years active:2016-Present
An allgirl band in the BanG Dream franchise. The group consists of five members: Vocals: Aina Aiba as Yukina Minato Guitar: Haruka Kudo as Sayo Hikawa Drums: Megu Sakuragawa as Ako Udagawa Keyboard: Kanon Shizaki as Rinko Shirokane Bass: Yuki Nakashima as Lisa Imai Yurika Endou was the previous bassist and voice actor for Lisa up until May 2018 when she retired from the entertainment industry and was replaced with Nakashima. Satomi Akesaka was the previous keyboardist and Rinkos VA until September 2018 when she was forced to step down after suffering sudden deafness twice and was replaced with Shizaki. Roselias band name was coined from combining the words Rose and Camellia. They debuted with the song BLACK SHOUT.