Hiroko Taniyama

谷山浩子, Hiroko Nakanishi
A Japanese female singersongwriter born in Tokyo on August 29 1956. Hiroko Taniyama is seen as a category of artists of New Music series and is popular with fans of New Music but on the other hand it is sometimes said to have progressive rocklike elements.The fantasy nature and musicality of the lyrics overlap with the category of progressive rock. It is said to be listened to with images overlapping with Kate Bush Loreena McKennitt and Ryoko Moriyama which have similar musicality and are drawing attention from fans of progressive rock. However composition such as general progres including the irregular beats and arranging to show off sophisticated performances are not frequently used. She began bringing songs to King Records during junior high school and was adopted on the Bside of the single released November 20 1970 of Baby Brothers later Finger 5 when she was 14 years old. Originally she is a composer aspiration she did not expect to sing. But the director of King Records told her. If you sing by yourself we will release your LP And recording was done in a style she sings while playing the piano. And on April 25 1972 King records released her first album 15 and her first single That year she became regular of NHK 101 stage TV program for young people In 1974 her was selected at the 7th popular song contest and on February 10 1975 Canyon Records released her second debut single. And in 1977 she officially debuted as a single . She says There are my three debuts. Source: Discogs