Yui Horie

堀江由衣, Yoshiko Horie (堀江由子), Hocchan (ほっちゃん), Aice⁵ (アイス), Kurobara Hozonkai, Yuiel

Date of Birth: September 20, 1976
Hometown: Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan
Height: 155 cm
Blood type: B

She is a voice actress and singer currently affiliated with vims. She hosts a radio show called "Horie Yui no Tenshi no Tamago" (堀江由衣の天使のたまご "Yui Horie's Angel Eggs") and is the founding member of the singing group, Aice5. She is also a member of the band Kurobara Hozonkai, with the name YUIEL. Her hobbies include shoulder massaging, reading and eating. She has been affectionately nicknamed "Hocchan" (ほっちゃん) by her Japanese fans.

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