Yurina Hase

長谷優里奈, Kaori Ikuta, 生田香織, Mizuho Nakai, 中井ミズ穂, Azumi Nakatani, 中谷あずみ, Yurika Ochiai, 落合祐里香, Yurisyi, ゆりしぃ, Yurika, 友利花
Birth:Dec 9, 1979
Hometown:Izu City, Japan
Blood Type:O
Favorites: cats rabbits seals Hobbies: domestic traveling looking at stars singing Known by her nickname Yurisyi in Japan She is an actress under the name Yurika voice actress until from 20002014 singer and a gravure idol. Her former stage name is Ochiai Yurika. She was originally working for Arts Vision however she quit in October 2006. From 2007 she worked for Genki Project but moved to Intercept in December 2008. On December 17 2009 she went freelance and changed her name to Yurina Hase. Seiyuu related activities: December 2011 to April 2014 for Kekke. Bloghttps://ameblo.jp/yurikacanary/ Old Blog 1https://ameblo.jp/yurisii Old Blog 2https://ameblo.jp/isoflavoneba/ Old Blog 3http://yurina.jugem.jp/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/yurikacanary