Ai Shimizu

清水愛, Curren Toyota (十夜鷹蓮)
Birth:Mar 26, 1981
Years active:2001-Present
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Twitter Ai Shimizu is a Japanese voice actress and professional wrestler. She has a career as a singer signed to Lantis. She has released 14 singles including joint and character singles and four albums. She covered Yumi Matsutoyas Toki o Kakeru Shjo as the Bside of her first single Angel Fish in 2003. She is known to have a close relationship with Mai Nakahara having collaborated in eight anime where most of the characters they voiced in together had close connections: DearS Kage Kara Mamoru MyHiME MyOtome MyOtome Zwei Please Twins Sola Strawberry Panic and the Lucky Star drama CD. Shimizu has worked sporadic professional wrestling matches since December 2013