Romi Park

朴璐美, 朴ろ美, Romi Paku, 박로미 Pak Romi, Bak Romi

Korean name: 박로미 (Paku Romi/Pak Romi/Bak Romi)
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 161 cm
Blood type: AB
Hobbies: Piano, Shaolin Kempo and Swimming
Abilities: Speaks fluent Korean

She is married to her fellow voice actor Kazuhiro Yamaji.

Many fans have mistaken photos of Romi Park, as photos of Arakawa Hiromu, the mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist, because of the set-up in one particular image in which Romi Park poses as a mangaka. Romi Park is also known for representing Arakawa in public appearances, in which Arakawa is not able to attend. | Source |


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