Haruka Kudou

工藤晴香, Kudoharu, くどはる
Birth:Mar 16, 1989
Years active:2005-Present
Blood Type:O
Haruka is currently a voice actor and musician. She plays guitar in the band Roseliahttps://anilist.co/staff/153170/Roselia as part of the Bang Dream franchise. Haruka was an exclusive model for the Japanese magazine Seventeen from 2003 to 2007. After becoming a voice actor she put her activities on hiatus after entering university and later started voice acting again in 2011 when she became affiliated with Sigma Seven e. On August 2014 she left Sigma Seven e and became a freelancer before signing up with ELBS Entertainment on October 2016. On May 1 2017 she announced that she would be transferred to Ace Crew. Haruka is energetic jokes around a lot and has a hard time staying incharacter. She is skilled at drawing and can also speak English. Her other hobbies are watching movies reading books eating and sleeping. Her favorite guitarists are Nirvanas Kurt Cobain and X JAPANs exmember HIDE. She is also a fan of both Nine Inch Nails and Luna Sea. Source: BanG Dream Wikia edited