Ryou Hirohashi

広橋涼, 廣橋涼
Birth:Aug 5, 1977
Years active:2002-Present
Hometown:Niigata, Japan
Blood Type:O
A Japanese voice actor. Shes also a certified junior and senior high school teacher. Hirohashi was born in Niigata Prefecture and her familys home was a Buddhist temple. Because of this she attended Ryukoku University in Kyoto a Buddhist university. In the middle of her first year however her parents told her that she could do what she liked even if it wasnt related to Buddhism so she sought out what she wanted to do. During her second year she remembered a radio show she used to listen to in middle school and became interested in voice acting so she started going to the Aoni Coaching School Osaka while attending university at the same time. The radio personality she had listened to in junior high school was a voice actor which inspired her to become a voice actor herself. Nonanime roles: Mast Goddess of Victory: Nikke