Saeko Chiba

20070826 Married on her 30th birthday Saeko Chiba took up ballet at a young age with ambitions of becoming part of Takarazuka Revue. However having failed the entrance exam for Takarazuka Music School in her third year of middleschool she joined the Minami Aoyama Shjo Kageki Dan South Aoyama Female Opera Group? also called Nansh for short a stage group for teenage girls. Having had several lead roles over the three years she spent with the troupe Saeko was then cast in the lead voice acting role of Kotori Haruno in the Sega Dreamcast game Diamond Daydreams. Having had a taste of being a seiy and deciding that she preferred voice acting to performing on stage Saeko decided to pursue the career fulltime. Some of her earlier roles include her seiy debut as Tsubaki Sakura in Kare Kano Kitsune no Akane in Angel Tales and Elliot Chapman in Scifi Harry. Saeko was famed for her long straight black hair and seemingly cold outward appearance which led to her being cast in various tsundere and coolgirl roles. She then cut her hair short in the spring of 2005 which strangely coincided with the increasing diversity of her roles as Saeko herself noted on the MyHiME fandisc interview. Saeko has also pursued a singing career with Yuki Kajiura who wrote music for some of the Nansh stage shows writing and producing almost all her material. Her first single was Koi no Kiseki the theme song for the PlayStation game Meguri Aishite. She has since released nine singles and two albums along with various character song and drama CDs. She has also performed theme songs for games such as Alundra 2 and Atelier Judie. Saeko was also part of the group tiaraway with fellow Nansh member Yuuka Nanri. Originally recording and performing as Saeko Chiba Yuuka Nanri for Memories Off 2nd the duo released three singles and an album before breaking up on March 6 2005.

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