Tetsuya Kakihara

柿原徹也, Raku Kaiou (魁皇楽), Kakkii (カッキー)
Birth:Dec 24, 1982
Years active:2001-Present
Hometown:Düsseldorf, Germany
Blood Type:AB-
Profilehttp://zynchro.jp/talent/kakihara.html Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/charisma.tetsuya.days/ Bloghttps://ameblo.jp/tetsuyakakihara/ Commonly referred to as Kakkii by fans Kakihara is a voice actor and a singer. As the latter he is a member of Kiramune music label and represents the color of green. He was inspired to become a voice actor by Yuuji Uedahttps://anilist.co/staff/95058/YuujiUedas performance in the Tokimeki Memorial dating sim game and moved from Germany to Japan at age 18 to pursue his dream. Kakihara speaks Japanese English and German. Nonanime roles: Wanderer Genshin Impact