Nobuhiko Okamoto

岡本信彦, N-kun
Birth:Oct 24, 1986
Years active:2006-Present
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type:B
Awards: Best New Actor 2008 Best Supporting Actor 2011 Music: Palette 1st Mini Album released May 23 2012 EnjoyFull 2nd Mini Album released June 5 2013 Profile Racoon Dog Blog Old Blog Inactive Twitter Instagram Wiki en Wiki jp Revealed as the sixth member of Kiramune on October 24 2011 debuted on May 23 2012. Hosts Dengeki Girls Smile with Ryouhei Kimura Married to fellow seiyuu Asuka Oogame Previously affiliated with the agency ProFit. After the agency announced that they would be shutting down operation in 2022 he would be transferring to his own agency Raccoon Dog along with several other ProFit talents.