Yuuichi Nakamura

中村悠一, Chuutatsu (仲達), You-kyan (ゆうきゃん)
Date of Birth: February 20 1980 Hometown: Kagawa Prefecture Japan Blood Type: B Height: 175 cm Weight: 65 kg Twitterhttps://twitter.com/nakamuraFF11 Trivia: His nickname Youkyan was given by Kenichi Suzumura. Close with Tomokazu Sugita. They often mention about each other in their talks. Loves cats but is afraid of having them die before him so doesnt have any of his own. Allergic to metals and alcohol. Drinks nonalcoholic soft drinks or orange juice at parties. Colorblind. He has a YouTube channel called Washagana TV with a free writer Mafia Kajita.