Shinichi Watanabe

ワタナベシンイチ, 渡邊慎一, Nabeshin
Birth:Sep 6, 1964
Hometown:Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Twitter Shinichi Watanabe is a Japanese director episode director and storyboard artist for anime while also being a voice actor. Shinichi is best known for his overthetop adaption of Rikudo Koshis Excel Saga in which he appears as the character Nabeshin. In addition to his appearance in Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemy his likeness has also appeared as NB in Tenchi Muyo GXP InuAfro in Dotto KoniChan and in small role in Mahoromatic He also does an unmistakable cameo of Nabeshin which can be seen in Nurse Witch Komugi although Shinichi had nothing to do with that project. In addition he made an appearance in the show EyeShield 21 More recently he made an appearance in episode 32 of Hayate no Gotoku Shinichi claims that the nickname Nabeshin which is an obvious combination of nabe in Watanabe and shin in Shinichi came from God himself. Not to be confused with the director Watanabe Shinichirou which is most known for directing Cowboy Bebop