Bunta Sugawara

Birth:Aug 16, 1933
Death:Nov 28, 2014
Years active:1956-2012
Hometown:Ichihasama (Currently Kurihara), Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Sugawara Bunta made his acting debut in 1956. Sugawara has lent his voice to numerous anime roles such as Spirited Aways Kamaji Tales from Earthseas Ged and most recently Wolf Childrens Nirasaki. Sugawara also voiced the narrator in Square Enixs Dissidia: Final Fantasy video game. Sugawara is most well known for his roles in the liveaction Jingi Naki Tatakai Battles without Honor and Humanity and Truck Yar film series. During a speech in 2012 at the 10th anniversary of the Furusato Kaigi Shien Center nonprofit organization he announced his retirement from acting. Sugawara had said in February that because of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster he would halt any acting activities. Nonanime roles: Aku in Samurai Jack animated series Japanese Narrator in Dissidia: Final Fantasy Japanese