Mikuni Shimokawa

みくに 下川
Hometown: Shizunai Hokkaido family managed a ranch Family: 2 older sisters 1 younger brother Education: Towa no Mori SanAi Senior High School Debut: member of girl idol group Checkicco 19981999 Blood type: B Constellation: Pisces Height: 155cm Favorite color: pink Favorite season: summer Favorite artist: Michelle Branch Special skill: imitations Hobbies: fitness karaoke hikikomori games internet Second Life Instruments: piano brass band in high school Other characteristics: Not good at lying Easily moved to tears Cant do two things at once Follows her own path Righthanded but also deft lefthanded Confident in her strength Likes yakiniku and Kirin beer Values directness in relationships Sings in times of loneliness Mikunis official blog: http://ameblo.jp/shimokawamikuni/