Seishi Kishimoto

聖史 岸本
Birth Date: Nov 8 1974 Birth Place: Okayama Japan Blood Type: O Gender: Male Seishi Kishimoto is a Japanese manga artist and the younger twin brother of Masashi Kishimoto creator of Naruto. The two have been drawing manga together since early childhood thus their styles are similar. As a result each of them has frequently been accused of copying the other. Seishi himself notes that the similarities are not intentional but are likely because they were both influenced by many of the same things. The more famous Masashi even asked fans to stop calling Seishi a copycat. Seishi created the manga 666 Satan which was serialized in Japan by Monthly Shnen Gangan and licensed by VIZ in North America as OParts Hunter. It has been announced that he will launch a new manga titled Blazer Driver in the upcoming Monthly Shnen Rival magazine.