Wataru Yoshizumi

渉 吉住

Birthplace and Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Zodiac: Gemini Blood type: A Female Was born as Mari Nakai, or 中井 真里 She graduated with a degree in economics from Hitotsubashi University. She started her career as a mangaka while working as an office lady. Known as a social mangaka, she often hangs out with close friends Megumi Mizusawa, Miho Obana, and Ai Yazawa. Her debut work was in 1984 with a yomikiri (short story) called "Radical Romance" in Ribon Original magazine. The artist has since produced a string of fan-favorite titles, including Quartet Game, Handsome na Kanojo (Handsome Girl), Marmalade Boy, and Random Walk. Many of her titles are available throughout Europe and Asia. Favorites: Blue Chocolate Likes the movie, "Practical Magic" Powerpuff Girls Tennis Watching soccer games Hobbies: Bead-based fashion designs Shopping Travelling