Reiko Yoshida

Date of Birth: December 31 1967 Birthplace: Hiroshima Japan Wiki EN Wiki JP Reiko Yoshida is a Japanese screenwriter and script supervisor. Yoshida has written and supervised numerous screenplays for anime series liveaction dramas and films. Her major works include Kaleido Star Aria Mariasama ga Miteru D.Grayman KOn Bakuman and Girls und Panzer In more recent works she has supervised the screenplays for Majestic Prince Non Non Biyori A Town Where You Live Tamako Market Yowamushi Pedal and Castle Town Dandelion In films she wrote the screenplay for Ghiblis The Cat Returns the original films that would make up Digimon: The Movie Kyoto Animations hit anime film A Silent Voice and the film adaptations of Osamu Tezukas Buddha the last ones second film was given a stamp of approval by the Dalai Lama. Among her works she was recognized for Best Screenplay/Original Work for Girls und Panzer at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival in 2014 and she won another Best Screenplay/Original Work award in 2017. In 2018 she wrote the screenplay for Violet Evergarden which aired on TV in Japan and is licensed by Netflix. Yoshida also wrote the story for the manga series Tokyo Mew Mew Source: Wikipedia