Mayu Shinjou

まゆ 新條

Aquarius O Blood Type Born in Nagasaki Prefecture twitter: @shinjomayu Comments: Likes: Hamasaki Ayumi, BUCK-TICK, Glay, Gundam, Hot Springs, Nirvana, Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Sting, The Matrix, Top Gun, U2 Hobbies: Cars, feng Shui, shopping Height: about 151 cm Loves, big-chested girls with cute faces. Wishes all her manga could feature them. n_n Also relies deeply on her assistants, who are god-sent in her mind. Calls herself a trend whore, loves scandalous things, is a foreigner otaku, a Disney maniac, loves to drink, and loves videos/audio. Recently got a sniper rifle, which she says she will use to shoot down her critics. (Source: MangaUpdates)