Yuu Higuri

Birth:Oct 16
Years active:1993-Present
Blood Type:A
Birth Place: Osaka Japan Twitterhttp://twitter.com/wimaro2 Official Websitehttp://www.gocomi.com/higuri/front/ Higuri currently lives in Takarazuka City near Osaka. She is an only child. Her professional debut was in 1993. Many of her stories draw on tales of historical or fantasy Europe with swords and magic and dragons and men in tights. Along these lines almost all of her stories involve themes of homosexual relationships between two men. Comic artists who influenced her work include Osamu Tezuka Hayao Miyazaki and the Showa 24 generation of women manga artists led by Moto Hagio who created girls comics in the 1970s. She visited Germany several times in the past and according to her the castle Neuschwanstein is one of her favourite places in the world. Many of her stories are inspired by King Ludwig II of Bavaria.