Kei Kusunoki


Birthday: March 24
Birth Place: Aichi-prefecture, Nagoya, Japan
Blood Type: O

A young, pretty (enough to compete with idol singers) mangaka who works in the horror and comedy genres. She was one of a group of mangaka (including Kanzaki Masaomi, Hosono Fujihiko, Kitazaki Taku, Nobe Toshio and Suzumiya Wayu) who featured on Shounen Big, the now-defunct forerunner of Young Sunday. Kusunoki Kei's twin sister, Oohashi Kaoru 大橋薫 - her real name - is also a decent manga artist. Their artistic styles are more similar than their appearance.

She made her debut with "Nanika ga Kanojo tori tsuita?" in 1982 on Ribon Original while still in high school.