Tachibana Higuchi

Gender: Female Blood Type: A Birth Date: March 16 1975 Birth Place: Kyoto Japan Websitehttp://higunet.boo.jp/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/kobutar Facebookhttp://facebook.com/higuniwa With an interview with Tokyopop she gave a detailed look on how she started as a mangaka. I first submitted a manga story a while after I graduated from high school. Up until then I was studying for the entrance examinations for the Art University and as part of that I sometimes drew manga and fourpanel strip comics for fun. Because I was conscious of the fact that I had started drawing manga in earnest at a later age I think my progress during the beginning on drawing and storytelling techniques was fast as I frantically tried to absorb everything I could learn about creating manga. After the serialization of the story began as I got busy I was so desperate to submit it on time that I feel that the drawings probably havent improved much compared to before. During the serialization of the manga I think my story telling techniques improved more as I concerned myself with how to catch the attention of the readers how well one can incorporate what the readers are seeking into the story.