Mizuho Kusanagi

Birth:Feb 3, 1979
Years active:2003-Present
Hometown:Kumatou, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type:O
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/KusanagiMizuho Assorted bio facts from Mugen Spiral Vol. 1: I sort of just came up with a pen name. Hobbies: I guess drawing And I also have a super fetish for voices. I love voice actors. I also really like actors with good voices. Im like a little follower. Fave Food: I love ramen. I wish I could go around just trying different foods. But my stomach is small so there goes that idea. I basically eat a lot of vegetables. Im not so good with meat. Fave Movies: Anything Miyazaki. Im worried about his health. I just love him Sound of Music. Lord of the Rings.