Ao Mimori

Born 2:22 AM Blood Type: O Ao Mimori began creating manga during her junior year in college and her work debuted when she was only 23. B.O.D.Y. her third series was first published in Bessatsu Margaret in 2003 and is also available in Japanese as an audio CD. Her other work includes Sonna no Koi Ja Nai Thats Not Love Anta Nanka Iranai I Dont Need You Dakishimetaiyo Motto I Want to Hold You More I LOVE YOU and Kamisama no Iu Toori As the God of Love Dictates. VIZ author bio As of August 2005 she was reading according to B.O.D.Y. Volume 3 authors notes Sgt. Frog Pluto 20th Century Boys BECK Vagabond Naruto Hunter x Hunter Death Note Bobobobo Bobobo Case Closed Emma King of Thorns Blade of the Immortal Oishinbo Hataraki Man Hyakkiyokoushou Maihime Tersichora Sukunahikona Eva . . . She said: Its disgusting I buy this many? I havent even included any shojo titles and I buy a lot of those... I love Nodame Cantabile... The title Im most into right now is...Sgt. Frog Its too cute I love Keroro and Geroro She says that you can still become a manga artist even if you got bad grades in art class. Hers were bad too Oh boy the day I had to draw a was horrible. Loves to go to concerts.