Shiuko Kano

鹿乃しうこ, Shiuko Uida, 鹿乃しうこ
Blood Type:O
Gender: Female Birth Place: Osaka Japan Zodiac: Pisces Thunderbolt Abe no Seimei Fortune Telling Current Residence October 2008: Okayama Japan Favorite Food: Edamame Black Soybean Crabs Ryoukans Temari Okayama Meika Gupita candy. Favorite Things: Suga Shikao Kirinji Dogs Fortune telling Comedies. Dislikes: Insects Cheese Horse carriages relay marathons. Younger sister of Uchida Kazuna Notes: At times serious. At times fun. Shiuko Kano is a prominent yaoi mangaka noted for her often audacious depictions of the sweet and dangerous relationships between men. She first debuted as a cover illustrator under the name Uida Shouko for the Japanese publisher MagazineMagazines June imprint. Her manga debut was Heisei Paradise Boys MagazineMagazine. In 1999 she changed her pen name from Uida Shouko to Kano Shiuko as a pioneer of hardcore sexual stories and enigmatic character. Her first art book and popular work Im Not Your Steppin Stone was published by MagazineMagazine. She was also the character designer along with her equally popular BL mangaka sister Kazuna Uchida for a popular BL called Escape. She has or had 2 dogs profiled on her official website Studio EKennel whom she calls the Tsureshon Brothers. Pictures can be found there also