Yoshiyuki Okamura

岡村善行, Buronson, 武論尊, Shu Fumimura, 史村翔
Birth:Jun 16, 1947
Years active:1973-Present
Hometown:Saku, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type:O
Yoshiyuki Okamura also known as Buronson or Sho Fumimura Fumimura Sh is a Japanese manga writer most known by his famous work Hokuto no Ken known in English as Fist of the North Star. He graduated from the Japanese Air Force Training School in 1967 and served as an Air Force radar mechanic. In 1969 he discharged from the Japanese Navy and was soon hired by Hiroshi Motomiya as a manga assistant. He started his manga writing career when he wrote the script of Pink Punch: Miyabi in 1972 drawn by Goro Sakai. In 1975 Buronson wrote his first big hit The Doberman Detective drawn by Shinji Hiramatsu. The famous Hokuto no Ken made its debute as Buronsons greatest hit in 1983 drawn by Tetsuo Hara. In 1989 his story Ourou was released as a manga serialized in Animal Magazine drawn by Kentarou Miura and in 1990 a sequel entitled Ourou Den was released by the same manga artist. Buronson also collaborated with the manga artist Ryoichi Ikegami in many works as Strain manga Human manga and the famous Sanctuary manga. Among his other major works are The Phantom Gang with art by Kaoru Shintani. Buronson was mainly influenced by movies such as Bruce Lees and Mad Max. The nickname Buronson is a tribute to the American actor Charles Bronson whose way of growing the mustache was imitated by Yoshiyuki Okamura too.