Key is a Japanese visual novel studio under Visual Art's, it is known for making dramatic and plot-oriented visual novels and they also formed Key Sounds Label for their music tracks. Key also produce internet radio show called Key Radio. Past Works: Rewrite Harvest festa (Visual Novel) (2012) Rewrite (Visual Novel) (2011) Kud Wafter (Visual Novel) (2010) Angel Beats! (Anime) (Monthly Light Novel G Magazine) (2009) Little Busters! Ecstasy (Visual Novel) (2008) Little Busters! (CS) (Visual Novel) (2007) Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life (CS) (Visual Novel) (2005) Tomoyo After (Visual Novel) (2005) Planetarian (Visual Novel) (2004) Clannad (Visual Novel) (2004) Air (Visual Novel) (2000) Kanon (Visual Novel) (1999) (Source: Wikipedia)