Keiichi Arawi

Twitter Youtube Date of Birth: December 29 1977 Keiichi Arawi is a manga artist and illustrator. He is the creator of Nichijou and City. Arawi was born and raised in Gunma Prefecture. Though he grew up in Maebashi he attended Isesaki Commercial High School the school Nichijou was based on. He worked as a typesetter before becoming a manga artist. At 19 he started drawing short stories for Media Factorys Comic Flapper the most notable being his first series KazeMachi which ran from January to March 2006. By that time Kadokawa Publishing took notice of him and he began to work on Nichijou which won Kadokawas 22nd ACE Award for New Artists. Nichijou thus began its run in November 2006 under Kadokawas flagship magazine Shonen Ace and ended its run in October 2015. He then went on to work on City which began its run in September 2016 under Kodanshas Morning magazine.