Mamoru Oshii

押井守, Rei Maruwa (丸輪零)
Birth:Aug 8, 1951
Years active:1977-Present
Hometown:Oota, Tokyo, Japan
Twitter An anime and liveaction director mostly known for the former whose seminal titles include Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer Angels Egg the first two Patlabor films and the Ghost in the Shell films as well as the Kerberos Saga universe of which JinRoh is a part. His affinity for Euro arthouse cinema his falling out with the Christian religion and his fascination with the unsuccessful antioccupation procommunist protest movement in postwar Japan shaped his unusual sensibilities. Recurring themes and aesthetics in his works include oppressive police states unsuccessful protest movements dysfunctional bureaucracies political action that results in stasis biblical scripture and imagery philosophical dilemmas characters trapped in seemingly inescapable situations the use of dialog as descriptive texture rather than a plotdriver and otherwise Euroarthouse pacing and storyboarding. He is both polarizing to mainstream audiences and highly revered by cinephiles and Hollywood directors his works have influenced Hollywood films such as Dark City The Matrix and Avatar. Kenji Kamiyama an anime director also closely associated with Production I.G is his protg.