Hideshi Hino

日野日出志, 星野安司, Yasushi Hoshino
Birth:Apr 19, 1946
Years active:1967-Present
Hometown:Qiqihar, Manchuria (Currently Heilongjiang Province, China)
Blood Type:A
Official Websitehttps://hinohideshi.com/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/hinohideshi Twitter 2https://twitter.com/hinopro Hideshi Hino is a manga artist who specializes in horror stories. His comics include Hell Baby Hino Horrors and Panorama of Hell. He also wrote and directed two of the Guineapig horror movies which were based on his manga: Flower of Flesh and Blood which he also starred in and Mermaid in a Manhole. Hideshi Hino was born in China to Japanese immigrant workers in Manchuria just when Japan surrendered at the end of Second SinoJapanese War and the vengeful antiJapanese movement in China was taking place. His family had no choice but to escape to Japan before being lynched by Chinese civilians so his town gathered up everybody and started to make their move to the remaining internationally governed harbours. Hino has claimed that he was nearly killed en route to Japan by his fellow townspeople during the evacuation from China. Some of his manga have been based on his life and its events for example his grandfather was a real life Yakuza and his father used to be a pig farmer with a spider tattoo on his back. Hino has depicted these in his manga many times as in Panorama of Hell. Although originally eyeing a job in the film industry the works of manga legends Shigeru Sugiura and Yoshiharu Tsuge inspired the young Hino to express himself in the medium of manga instead. He originally began in doujinshi and his first professional work was published in Osamu Tezukas experimental manga magazine COM in 1967. With appearances in Garo and the serialized Hideshi Hinos Shocking Theater coming out in 1971 his bizarre world of deviant killers grotesque beasts and decaying corpses was firmly established. He even found a large following in the world of shoujo manga. Works such as Dead Little Girl and Ghost School were prominently featured in shoujo magazines frightening female readers across Japan. One of Hinos hobbies is maintaining Japanese swords. He is also a practitioner of Budo.