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Ello, i'm just some Colombian guy who's getting much more into anime. Decided to migrate over from MAL in late May of 2019 since I wasn't getting very involved there anymore and wanted a new beginning, so when I heard of Anilist, I kept it in mind and then finally decided to move over. Besides that, this site has a much better design. Alongside anime, I would say my main interests are video games, Magic: The Gathering and Music, also really like to read and watch movies, so I guess I really like most media. Not very original, but whatever.

As far as anime goes, i'm honestly pretty open to every genre and style if there's something that catches my interest, though I would say I prefer mostly Sci-Fi stuff. So far, I don't drop anything and i'm willing to commit even for poopy stuff. With my ratings, all those I rate 10 are basically my favorites. 9,5 to 9 are often those I find pretty excellent, 8.5 to 8 are very great, 7.5 is pretty good, 7 is fairly good to decent, 6.5 to 6 are my most average ones, while 5.5 to 5 are mostly mediocre, not very bad, but could have been much better. 4.5 to 4 are standard bad, 3.5 to 3 are VERY bad, 2.5 to 2 are likely terrible and below that would likely be all least favorites and those find downright horrible. I haven't gotten to anything I would rate below 5.5, but you never know.

Anyway, welcome to my profile.

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