I like isekai a bit too much honestly dont trust me having read an isekai to mean its good lol. I do like to think that my ratings are generally solid however give or take a little bit. 220https://i.ur.com/v3do9oa.jpg My ratings for anime and manga can be interpreted using this scale with each category generally extending 0.5 up and down. 5 These exist. They do in fact qualify as manga/anime. Yup. 6/7 Better than nothing something more than the format equivalent of white noise. Possibly even reasonably enjoyable in the upper levels of these. 8 Legitimately good. There are actual merits to these series and I would be willing to recommend them to someone who is looking for series in the respective genres. 9 Truly great in many ways. Standouts in their genres I am extremely likely to have these on the tip of my tongue when giving recommendations and there are rarely any large flaws or issues with series here. Things I am likely to think about and compare other series to. 10 The best of the best. Absolute standouts of anime/manga I give out true 10s extremely rarely so anything that even breaks the 9.5 mark should be considered something extraordinary. I will likely have favorited any series that make it this high and any series here I would consider mustreads for their respective genres. Like all of my scores bias is always going to play some part but I try to not let biases carry things to the very top. note Dr. Stone at a 9.9 I absolutely love the show and it connects with me very strongly but I know deep down that it is by no means a perfect show and does have flaws. 4 and below There is something seriously wrong with this series. It has majorly messed up at some point or in some very noticeable way. The further below a 4 it goes the more terribly it messed up. Shows I really hated watching but are at their core just generic shows with tropes or plots that I dislike will generally at least slip by at around a 5 so dropping below that means that something truly went wrong here. Notes about weird things in my lists: Any series that I have marked as completed but havent rated especially big name ones are probably things I read a while back and havent reread/rewatched to properly rate. Similarly there are a decent number of big manga that I read fairly recently but before I started tracking and havent caught back up on so theyre sitting at 0 chapters read but I have rated them. Much like the manga mentioned just above many manga are set as reading despite being at 0 chapters. This is because while I do not remember their quality enough to rate them I also did read them to some extent already but before I started tracking and I havent reread/caught back up on them yet.

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