Im just a guy who likes watching animus and reading the occasional mango. Sometimes I feel like my tastes align too much with the mainstream consensus but Im just here to have a good time and if that includes being a casual pleb then so be it. Ill watch pretty much anything with a unique and creative aesthetic that goes beyond your average anime look. Im a fan of animation in general so I have no qualms towards watching older anime either. Favorite studios include Ghibli Gainax/Trigger KyoAni and BONES. Im also a slave to the booty as is the way of my lord and savior Space Dandy. Sweaters and cats are also prominent interests of mine sometimes at the same time. Talk to me about the thematic complexity of Evangelion while also discussing whos best girl spoiler: its Misato. Also worth noting: Just because Ive rated something a ten that doesnt necessarily mean I think its perfect. I list my favorites based on level of enjoyment and personal attachment not what I perceive as perfection. I dont really like using numerical scores to sum up my thoughts on media in general because I feel as though they cant properly express my convoluted feelings on a lot of stuff. So Id recommend just using my scores to get a basic idea of my feelings towards a show or movie but read the blurbs next to them if you want to get a more nuanced take. I also try to limit the amount of films I list in my favorites as I feel the overall level of quality of anime films tends to be much higher than series and if I didnt put that restriction on myself my entire list would probably be entirely comprised of Ghibli Satoshi Kon and Hosoda films.

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