Servus You can also find me on LB and AOTY. I am an Austrian anime fan who likes to share his ratings thoughts and opinion. Despite the rare existence of decent English dubs I always watch my anime with subtitles to experience the original voice acting. Unlike many other Anilist users I only watch movies and OVAs/ONAs with seven or fewer episodes because I disapprove of the serialised concept of the series and the significant time investment. Therefore I will only judge films with a series as a dependency as standalone pieces except for The End of Evangelion If you want to leave recommendations or discuss an anime you can write to me in English or German. If you do not know what to watch next check out my favourites or my top 60 anime list on Letterboxd. On this general movie logging service you can also find film rankings of animation franchises directors and studios. Rating System Although I enjoy popular mainstream anime I prefer to watch arthouse independent and experimental ones. While Drama and Psychological are my favourite genres I am often bored by generic Action Comedy Ecchi and Romance movies. Consequently I tend to give mature or distinctive works a higher rating. Roadmap Complete 1400 anime movies/OVAs/ONAs. Watch the art students works produced by Geidai Animation. Watch and rank the filmography of Kouji Morimoto.

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