This is an archive of all official AWC Anime Challenges click here for a list of all MRC Manga Challenges Point values for each challenge can be found in the parenthesis following each challenge link. If a challenge has different point rewards based on challenge levels they will be split by a forward slash and show cumulative total points taking into account each level of the challenge. If no point values are listed the challenge does not award any points. Current TimeLimited Challenges June 2020 1pt / 2pts Badge Battle 3 Spring 2020 1pt Community Raffle 2 2019 Staff Favorites 2pts Tier Challenges Anime Beginners 2pts Anime Intermediate 4pts Anime Advanced 6pts Special Challenges Gamblers Challenge 2pts Zodiac Challenge 1pt Rainbow Challenge 1pt Archaeologists Challenge 2pts Monster Challenge 1pt Collection Challenges Studios Studio Ghibli 2pts Kyoto Animation 2pts Franchises Monogatari Series 1pt JoJos Bizarre Adventure 1pt Initial D 1pt Legends Satoshi Kon 1pt Makoto Shinkai 1pt Classic Challenges All Classic Challenges are worth 3 points. 2018 Classic 2019 Classic Puzzle Challenges Genre Jigsaw 2pts Genre Challenges All Genre Challenges are worth 1 point each for Easy Normal and Hard modes totaling 3 points for a full Genre Challenge. Completing a Genre Challenge for a 2nd time awards 4 points totaling 7 points in all for the full completion of a Genre. Action Adventure Comedy Drama Ecchi Fantasy Hentai Horror Mahou Shoujo Mecha Music Mystery Psychological / Thriller Romance SciFi Slice of Life Sports Supernatural These challenges are no longer able to be completed as they are usually timelimited challenges. But if youd like to see or browse old challenges theyre all listed below. 2020 Challenges January 2020 1pt / 2pts February 2020 1pt/2pts March 2020 1pt / 2pts April 2020 1pt / 2pts May 2020 1pt / 2pts Winter 2020 1pt Valentines 1pt 2019 Challenges January 2019 1pt / 2pts February 2019 1pt / 2pts March 2019 1pt / 2pts April 2019 1pt / 2pts May 2019 1pt / 2pts June 2019 1pt / 2pts July 2019 1pt / 2pts August 2019 1pt / 2pts September 2019 1pt / 2pts October 2019 1pt / 2pts November 2019 1pt / 2pts December 2019 1pt / 2pts Winter 2019 1pt Spring 2019 1pt Summer 2019 1pt Fall 2019 Seasonal 1pt Community Raffle 1 Akira Challenge Badge Battle 1 Badge Battle 2 2018 Challenges August 2018 1pt / 2pts September 2018 1pt / 2pts October 2018 1pt / 2pts November 2018 1pt / 2pts December 2018 1pt / 2pts Advent Calendar Challenge 2018 End of Year Post