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Hokuto no Ken 2

In the second series after Raoh has been defeated by Kenshiro a new rival appears. The Gentou Kouken warriors. Falco the successor of the Gentou Kouken takes orders from an evil ruler by the name of Jacko. He claims to be the man chosen by the Tentei and issues orders to his subordinates to capture anyone living in order to build up his Imperial Capital. Kenshiro once again rises out of the shadows and puts an end to his tyrannical ways. Amidst the mayhem Lynn gets captured and gets taken to the land of the Shura where only ruthless fighters exist. Now Kenshiro must pursue the captor and defeat the 3 Rasho of the land in order to escape with his life and with Lynn.

Episode 1 - God or Devil? The Mightiest Man Appears in Hell
Episode 2 - The Fist of Lingering Regret and Certain Death!! The Future is Sighted in the Barren Wasteland!!
Episode 3 - In the City Without Light, a Lone Fist Burns! The Furious Death by the Five Exploding Fingers
Episode 4 - Attack the Bloody Cross! The Secret Technique, Death by Soft Strikes
Episode 5 - Can the Flames of Love Burn in Hell? You Don't Even Know You're Already Dead!!
Episode 6 - The Devil's Hit List. Find the Man with the 7 Scars!
Episode 7 - Villains! How About Counting Down to Your Own Death?!
Episode 8 - Strike the Hidden Power Point! There's No Requiem for the Wicked
Episode 9 - Villains! Finish Your Prayers Before You Die!
Episode 10 - Inverse Raging Fire Punch! There Are Too Many Who Deserve to Die!!
Episode 11 - Villains!! Listen to the Blues of Hell!!
Episode 12 - I Am Death Itself!! I'll Chase You to the Ends of Hell!!
Episode 13 - Arhat Deva Fist! Once Released, There's No Stopping It!!
Episode 14 - A Miserable Era! The Good Die So Young!!
Episode 15 - Try Counting to Three! You're the One To Die!!
Episode 16 - Villains, Want to Try Singing? Hell's Counting Rhyme!!
Episode 17 - A Man Lives to Fight! The Door to the Showdown Opens!
Episode 18 - Life of Death!? Beyond the Wasteland Lie the First Avenue of Hell!
Episode 19 - Villains! Have Your One-Way Ticket to Death!
Episode 20 - A Nightmare Battle! My Fist is a Million Volts!
Episode 21 - The Evil Palace Aflame! One Last Step to Shin!
Episode 22 - Conclusion of Part One: Yuria Forever... and Shin!!