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Version 2.0 Work In Progress!! More details will be available as the update progresses :)

Discover anime or manga with AniTrend which is a free AniList android client written in java.(AniTrend does not offer streaming capabilities, but official website links such as Hulu, Chrunchyroll, Netflix will be provided if available)

Big shout out to all the testers, translators and donators on the AniTrend Discord Server helping me keep this project alive!

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The AniTrend Road Map (What's Next?)

  • AniTrend projects can be found here which will contain a brief description of what a given version number will focus on e.t.c
  • Milestones for each project can also be found here, these are more detailed and show the actual task required to satisfy the project

Known Issues

  • Find all issues, feature requests, bugs and project road map here


Development documentation for AniTrend is still a work in progress so for the time being on the essentials are available and can be found over at:


Dual Application Themes

Dedicated Anime & Manga Pages

Crunchyroll Feeds Integration

Anime & Manga Reviews

More, More & So Much More

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