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Anime with a very badass/cold/emotionless maincharacter or side-character?
Hello there, I'm looking for a anime with a very badass, cold or badass main character, or side character who's pretty much "No Fucks Given" and just pretty much doesn't give a fuck attitude. Some animes that I've watched that matchs this title. One Punch Man Saitama Darker Than Black Hei Classroom of The Elite Kiyotaka Ayanokouji Attack on Titan Levi Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? Sakamaki Izayoi Log Horizon Shiroe Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Shiba Tatsuya Hunter x Hunter Killua Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas No Game No Life Sora Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Are there any anime, which is just like these anime with a very cold, badass and emotionless main character or sidecharacter, please recommend me some.
AWC: Aug Monthly Challenge
Monthly Challenge: August 2018 Theme: ☀ Summer Fun ☀ Complete 5 requirements for easy level Complete 10 requirements for hard level Badge for Completion: Easy: 350 Easy Compact Badge : 125 Hard: 350 Hard Compact Badge : 125 Badges designed by @Electrochemist, @RikkaKuroibara, @Shoxi, and @Xeldum Yearly Achievement Badge: If you complete all monthly challenges for the year, we will be rewarding an achievement badge Rules: For easy level you can choose any of the 5 requirements to complete For hard level you must complete all 10 requirements You cannot use the same anime to fulfill multiple requirements within a challenge You cannot use an anime you have previously watched You cannot use speed watching to complete this challenge You can use an anime you have previously started You can use currently airing anime, but they must be finished airing before you submit your challenge as completed You can use up to 3 anime you are currently using for another challenge to fulfill the requirements of this challenge. If you have used an anime for a different challenge, make a note indicating which challenge it was used for Challenge start date is considered the day you post Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your anime list and activity Time Limit for Challenge: Aug 1st, 00:01PDT Aug 31st, 2018 23:59PDT Submission: Post a reply in this forum when you start the challenge with the code we have provided below. This is considered the start date for your challenge submission You can keep track of your progress through editing your submission here, or update it when you are finished Please use the code we have provided for your challenge submission. You can edit it however you want as long as it includes the same information You can find the challenge code here: August Monthly Challenge Code. Fill out the portions in red text only to keep code formatting When you have fulfilled all of the requirements for a challenge, please post a link to your final submission in the Challenge Submissions forum post Challenges must be submitted by Aug 31st, 2018 23:59PDT Example of Formatting: Formatting for challenge submissions should look like this: 1. Start: DD/MM Finish: DD/MM Challenge Requirement: Link with Anime Title Additional information August Monthly Challenge Requirements: 1. Watch an anime that aired in the Summer season. Any year. Minimum 10 episodes with 16 min per episode 2. Watch an anime that contains a beach / pool scene or episode. Minimum total run time required: 16 min 3. Watch an anime that doesn’t take place in a school. Minimum 10 episodes with 16 min per episode 4. Watch an anime where the main character has a job / parttime job. Minimum total run time required: 30 min 5. Watch an anime where the source is a video game or visual novel. Minimum 10 episodes, no run time requirement 6. Watch an anime based on a manga. Minimum total run time required: 90min 7. Watch a sports anime. Minimum of 12 episodes, no run time requirement 8. Watch an anime from the animation studio Sunrise. Minimum total run time required: 30min 9. Watch an anime that contains a festival / firework scene or episode. Min total run time required: 16min 10. Watch an anime with the genres: "Adventure" AND "Fantasy”. Min total run time required: 90min Challenge Code: August Challenge Code Anime Watching Challenge: Master Post August Monthly Challenge helpful links: Thank you to @Plusho for compiling this list
Hachidori - AniList Scrobbler for macOS - 3.0 Final Released!
220 Official Website Hachidori is a scrobbler for macOS that allows you to update your list based on what you are currently watching. Hachidori now supports AniList, meaning that you can update your list automatically based on what you are watching. Hachidori supports all major video players on macOS , legal streaming sites , Plex Media Server and Kodi via JSON RPC. Hachidori is open source and the basic features like scrobbling is free. However, there will be optional features added in the future like Bittorrent Browser, Automatic Torrent downloads, file renaming, video library tracking and more only for people who donated. We rely on donations to allow us to keep developing these applications. You can find out about how you can donate here Download Current Version 3.0.2
Describe the last anime you watched as BADLY as possible, the other person has to guess it
its exactly what it says, just describe it as BADLY as possible and the next person has to guess it and just make a new post and tag the other guy in it i'll begin **girls riding around in ww2 and just gathering stuff**
What's your typing speed?
Let's test from here:
Rate the above user's profile page.
Rate the above user's profile page, including but not limited to the banner, profile picture, about me section, favorites, recent activity. Basically everything.
Write a Character name from the last character last letter
see the person above you what character he wrote and type a character name from the last letter of it i start with Shiba
The AniHunt Team [Accepting Volunteers]
The AniHunter Exam is an event that will take place here at Anilist. It is where users will have to do specific things and find clues either by links, watching anime/reading manga, solving puzzles, etc. to get to the end. The first 10 or more people who finishes will get a reward . Users can also work together but the limit is 3 people . I'm still putting the ideas together so this is just the basic rundown of it. Open Roles: Badge Maker: Closed 2 Forum Mods: Helps post and make forums regarding the event 1 Editor: Someone who is good at photoshop and digital layouts to make the logo, posters, etc. 2 "Programmers": Someone who knows his/her stuff around technology/internet to make the hunt more "fun" 2 Social Mods: Must have a wide reach in Anilist, share things regarding the event, and encourage users to participate . All those who get accepted for any of these roles will also help come up with ideas and help examinees. They will also be a mod in the discord server for discussions which I will link only to the ones who got accepted . As for me, I'm just a person who's not good at anything, that's why I'm asking for help. This team is not run by one person but everyone. It is not about higher roles, since I myself have no reason to be the "leader". I want everyone in this team to just have fun and help each other in making the event. Might also make different levels if the first one was received well. 100 And yes, I'm borrowing this logo from HxH for now since there is no official logo for this yet.
What's your internet speed?
How fast is your internet? You can test it in here: and then post your results here. Here is mine, IMO it's pretty decent. :D 350
Hunter x Hunter (2011) Review
The lack of popularity surrounding Hunter x Hunter has always confused me, especially after catching up to it six months ago. For an anime that seems to do everything right, it isn't talked about a lot at a popular level. Neither has it been successful in garnering a fan base similar to that of SNK or SAO. I decided to write this review to do the show justice. If a show this good is still flying under your radar or if you are discouraged from watching this because of its "childish appearance" then reading this review is a must. Story: HxH is about a young boy named Gon who embarks on a journey to find his father. After learning that his father left him at a young age to become a Hunter, Gon decides to follow in his footsteps not only to find him, but also to see what was so special about the profession that made his father choose it over him. Although a story of finding one's father is simple, it is the path that is taken towards this end that makes the series truly special. HxH is made up of several arcs that are all extremely wellwritten, which brings me to the best part of the series, the writing. Hunter x Hunter boasts one of the finest writing in the world of shonen; the depth and flow of the story, enthralling characterizations, strong dialogue and impressive worldbuilding are all crafted into a fascinating tale that can absorb viewers into lengthy marathons. The amount of variety that is packed into HxH's story is also very impressive. HxH successfully dabbles in several genres in six story arcs tackling survival, fighting tournaments, crime thriller, virtual realities, war and politics. Not only that, the series is also able to undergo significant tonal shifts with ease . Sometimes, these shifts in tone occur after an arc ends though other times, it even occurs midarc. Another thing about HxH is that its arcs are connected with one another, with each arc naturally following the one before it. This creates a natural transition that highlights what the series really is, a journey. As for pacing and development, they are excellent. For the most part, HxH is very well paced. The series does a fantastic job at keeping its viewers engaged, time will fly by as you watch most episodes and you'll find yourself breezing through the show. Excluding two recap episodes, HxH has no filler episodes. Due to this, story progression is solid with the plot moving forward with each episode. Although HxH initially gives off a light hearted impression, it gives off a good one. Not the kind of “light heartedness” that makes you say “this is childish and below me” but the kind that appeals to everyone. HxH gives off that classic and charming shonen vibe that has been lost in recent years, and it does so with its head held up high. Eventually though, the series takes a dark turn. Although most HxH story arcs are light hearted, both Yorknew and the Chimera Ant arc are two of the best and darkest arcs shonen has to offer. Yorknew can be described as a dark thriller in a big city. The central theme of the arc is revenge and it is similar to Death Note in terms of thrill and atmosphere. On the other hand, the Chimera Ants arc can be described as an attempt by the Hunters Association to control an outbreak of a dangerous maneating species. It is the darkest and most thematically powerful arc in the series tackling themes such as identity, human nature and survival of the fittest. The arc has drawn comparisons to Yu Yu Hakusho’s Chapter Black for its seinenlike nature and is similar to Shingeki no Kyojin, where the protagonists experience a strong sense of despair in the face of a vastly superior, hostile species. The series undergoes major tonal shifts in both arcs with the color palette, music, atmosphere and amount of violence changing significantly. However, what sets the series apart from other battle anime is its unorthodoxy and unpredictability. Shonen tropes and storytelling methods are undermined throughout the series. The main character for example, Gon, fails more than he succeeds. Powerups based on emotion or willpower are nonexistent and fighting in the series is radically different from other battle anime. The main protagonist is not the main focus of every arc either. At certain points in the series, you could even say that Gon has taken a supporting role, especially during the later portions of the CA arc where he isn't given as much focus due to the grand scope of the story. The standard battle anime formula of “losetrainwin” is also undermined. Although there is training, it does not always translate to a victory, nor does it propel the protagonists over or to the same level as their main adversaries in terms of strength. For the most part, the protagonists assume the underdog role. Although they have incredible potential, they are still kids who have a lot to learn. In terms of storytelling, unpredictable developments are commonplace. One thing that continues to amaze me with this show is how it leads viewers into thinking that the story will progress in this direction, only to change course and arrive at a completely different outcome. A good example of this would be the series' arcs which often end in an anticlimatic manner. Basically, there are a lot of scenes and story developments that you won’t see coming because they defy conventional shonen storytelling or are unpredictable in their own right. The series' unorthodoxy can also be seen in its fights which are primarily cerebral. In addition to being wellexecuted, HxH fights are smart and involve a lot of strategy. Raw power is a factor but it is not the factor that decides battle outcomes, actual power , experience and strategy are all taken into account. If a main character is outclassed by an opponent in all or most categories, he is likely to lose. Moreover, main characters are not given any special treatment in combat. This smart approach to fighting is further enhanced by nen, a unique and complex power system held by defined rules. The concept of nen, its principles, aura types and many applications on the battlefield reveal the huge amount of thought that was put into it. I still remember having to pause episodes, even research a bit during its introduction, just to digest it in its entirety. The appearance and writing of the series also create an effect of cognitive dissonance, the simplistic look of the show mentally conflicts with the brilliance and unorthodoxy of its writing. As new viewers delve deeper into HxH, they realize that there is much more to the show than its cover art and synopsis suggest. Expectations of the series being immature, simple or generic are progressively overturned as the show reveals its surprising underbelly. Sound: As for sound, HxH has a line of great soundtracks that started off decent but got better as the series progressed. With the exception of a few minor characters, the voice acting in this series is excellent. As a person who has never seen the old series it’s hard to believe that these aren't the original voices because they fit extremely well, especially those of Gon, Killua and Hisoka whose voice actors do a perfect job of capturing their characters. Art: HxH also has great art and animation. It amazes me how a longrunning series like HxH delivers consistent quality animation episode after episode, especially during the fights. The series does a great job of capturing facial expressions and everything from the lighting, shading and colors adjust perfectly depending on the mood of the scene or the tone of the arc. As one reviewer said, the bright colors of the show might need some getting used to, though it is usually fans of the old series who have this problem. Personally, I think it fits the show perfectly. It adds to the charm of the series by complementing its sense of adventure, uplifting atmosphere and unique appeal as a shonen that looks simple but is actually remarkably deep. Characters: Although HxH’s primary strength lies in its writing, its characters come pretty damn close. HxH has a huge cast of characters. They have quirks, dreams, inner demons, world views and overall, really likable personalities. To top it off, most of them don’t follow generic character archetypes. Although some may initially come across as “generic”, these assumptions are gradually undermined as the series progresses. If there's one thing I want to emphasize in the character department it would be the series main villains. When it comes to characters, this is where the show shines the brightest. HxH villains are extremely wellwritten . Not only are their characterizations independently impressive, they are also distinct from one another; no two villains are the same. This distinctness does not only apply within the series but outside of it. You won't find another Hisoka, Chrollo or Ant King in any other anime. This is what makes HxH villains so compelling, in addition to having really impressive characterizations, they are also original. Although I excluded one out of the four main villains from most of what I wrote above, all HxH villains do have one thing in common. Each villain strikes fear into audience, the series does a good job of establishing the level of danger these characters bring to the story and our protagonists. Negatives: However, while HxH is a great series it isn't perfect. The series doesn't have a strong start, it takes three episodes for show to get going. I've seen a lot of people drop HxH early and it sucks because the first two episodes don't capture the series at all. Things start to get mildly interesting in the third episode, after that, the series just gets better and better. HxH also suffers from occasional BGM misuse. There are odd sound choices for some scenes. Sometimes they don’t really fit, other times they don’t fit it all. Lastly, the Chimera Ant arc also has minor issues with both Togashi and Madhouse to blame. Togashi’s fault lies in his writing during the middle of the CA arc which I think, pales in comparison to the rest of the series. HxH has made a name for itself for holding a consistent high level throughout its run; it’s a series that’s just so engaging and easy to marathon. However, I believe this consistency took a hit midCA arc specifically, episodes 8998. Don’t get me wrong though, I think there are a fair number of good episodes within that 9episode stretch but unfortunately, they are surrounded by mediocre episodes that break the consistency of an otherwise exceptional arc. Madhouse’s fault lies in its adaption of the manga chapters comprising episodes 113 and 115, which were dragged out in order to have episode 116 handled by their best animation team. Episode 113 was actually well paced except for one atrocious sequence while episode 115 as a whole was generally poorly paced. A clarification about the "slowed down pacing" of Chimera Ant arc: If you’ve been reading up about HxH, you’ve probably seen some people complain about the “poor pacing” during the “narration heavy episodes” of the CA arc. Well if you’re wondering how much truth is there to this statement and were going to ask me about it, my answer would be it depends. At episode 111, the palace invasion begins and narration begins to play a huge role in episodes in order to pack a whole level of depth into the story and increase dramatic tension. Rather than a high octane "action fest" people would expect from a shonen arc climax, the palace invasion takes a psychological heavy route wherein a character’s thoughts and mental state are given more focus than the actual action. This psychological focus together with the narration slows down the pace considerably in the sense that episodes begin to cover a lot less in narrative time. However, despite this “slowed down pace”, the pacing of these episodes remain solid with good amount of manga chapters being covered during each of these episodes and the duration of scenes being on point . In the end, it depends if the narration works on you or not. If you like the psychological approach and experience an increase in suspense then you’ll have no problems with the pacing and are in for one helluvah of a ride. However, if you don’t like the psychological approach and feel that the narrator’s heavy presence breaks your immersion then you’re in for a grueling experience. Of course, there are other combinations such as liking the psychological route but not feeling the immersion or maybe the narration just didn't work on you completely. Well, if this happens to be the case then you’ll end up with mixed feelings. On the bright side, most people who end up watching the invasion end up enjoying the narration. However, if you happen to be one of the good number of people who end up not liking the narration don’t worry, only episodes 111118 of the palace invasion have heavy narration. After episode 118, the narration begins to decrease and episodes eventually reach a point where they are “back to normal”. Heads up to people looking for action: Although I love the fighting aspect of the series and consider it to be a strong plus, I’ll leave this out there for the sake of subjectivity. HxH does not cater to everyone. Although fights in the series are wellexecuted, they are also short and happen less in comparison to other battle anime. Moreover, the focus on strategy in battles might be off putting to people who prefer fights with more brawn and less brain. If you're expecting an action heavy series like Yu Yu Hakusho then you will be disappointed. This is because HxH is a series that relies on its story to reel in viewers. Personally, I think this is how fighting in shonen should be done. Fighting should be able to entertain and also make you think. It shouldn't drag on for too long at the expense of the story without leaving you underwhelmed. Conclusion: Hunter x Hunter is an intelligent battle anime with a fantastic story, excellent characters and fights that involve a lot of strategy. Separating it from most of its genre, the series subverts shonen tropes and boasts unpredictable plot progressions that make it truly unique. Overall scores: Story: 100/100 Characters: 100/100 Art: 95/100 Sound: 90/100 Enjoyment: 100/100 Overall: 97/100
[GAME] Shiritori っゝω・)っ~☆
"I'm sure most of you are familiar with the word game, Shiritori, or at least its Western versions. A player starts out by saying a word, and the next person down the line has to say another word that begins with the last letter/syllable of the previous word." EXMPLE Player 1: Trip Player 2: Pastry Player 3: Yen So on and so forth 220 ok that's all pls dont let this flop I'll start, Pinkっゝω・っ~☆
Favorite character shiritori.
The game is post a picture of your favorite character that shares a first letter of the previous posters favorite character last letter example Ban Nagisa I'll start 220 You Watanabe
Anyone here a fan of prog rock/metal?
who here likes prog and has some favorite groups they'd like to share or reccomend? curious about what a lot of the people here listen to.
Post your favorite manga panels [potential spoilers, duh]
Whether it's an iconic moment or just something that stuck with you after finishing a series .
The Story Behind Your Username
It's basically what the title says. What made you choose the username you have now? Mine is because my initial are BWB and some of my classmates call me "bdubs" and I thought yo that sounds pretty mediocre, I'll take it
I dont like the term "mecha"
i do not like the term mecha. it is not the manga/anime that have this term attached to them, it is the term itself. i mean look at gundam 1979, it is one of the best action/drama of retro shows. sure compared to today the action might be different, but once you get into the drama and characters, you get invested into the action. mecha it self just describes that a show or a manga has giant robot of sorts thrown there as a weapon instead of using guns or other stuff. many times the mecha has nothing to do with the story. it is like making a new genre called guns. the story spends one ep or two admiring the gun then proceed to the actual story. sometimes the robot dont appear a lot in the story. it might act as sort of character, but at end it is not like your typical "mecha" story. for example eureka seven. it was mostly drama slice of life and few action sequences over it. i am not saying mecha stories are bad, nor they are good. i am just explaining that i dont like the word itself. and no, i wont ask anyone to stop using it or anything like that.
Anime Watching Challenge: Challenge Submissions
Submit links to your completed challenges in this forum. Please do not post any questions in this forum. This forum should be for challenge submissions only. If you have any questions direct them to the FAQ forum, talk to us on Discord, or talk to a AWC Staff directly: List of AWC Staff Members can be found on the AWC Master forum. How to submit: When you have finished the challenge, make sure your submission has been updated in the challenge post. Post a link to your final submission as a comment to this post. You can get a link by clicking on the link icon on your forum reply. Post that comment web address to this forum. This makes it easier for reviewers instead of looking through multiple forums for submissions. Thank you After you post a completed challenge: One of our reviewers will reply to your submission when it is under review. A reviewer will check through your challenge to ensure you have met all the requirements. If you missed a requirement, we will reply with which challenge requirement you need to fix and why. If you have completed it successfully, we’ll reply with “Challenge Completed Successfully.”
[Spoilers] Happy Sugar Life - Episode 5 [Discussion]
Official Website What did you think of the episode? Satou realizes in this episode that she betrayed her love for Shio and how the bitterness she was feeling was her punishment. Even though she lied about love to protect her own love, she felt it was wrong to Shio and her own values of love. Seeing that Shio was upset over one lie to her, Satou felt horrible that she was covering up her own lie with no problem. We got a better understanding of what ideal love Satou feels for Shio. It also shows how vulnerable and clueless Satou is, as much as the viewer, to what the definition of her love is. On the plot side, we have Shouko confronting Mitsuboshi and learning that Satou was off doing horrible things. With Shouko being her close friend, this puts Satou's secrets in danger and creates an opportunity where she could be exposed. Mitsuboshi may have the knowledge that Satou kidnapped Shio, but he's harmless on his own. With Shouko now having her suspicions, Satou might be put on the spot later. Satou has no idea that Shio's lie could cause all these events in the background.
AniList Data Moderator Applications 2018
800 Howdy AniFriends 18 AniList is looking to recruit talented new data moderators to join the existing team. An AniList data moderator is responsible for: Reviewing data submissions contributed by users Submitting new anime and manga when it is announced Updating existing anime and manga with newly announced information Populating character and staff databases This is a *serious* time commitment, but is very rewarding Please only apply if you are prepared to invest at least a few hours per week. Applicants must be 18 or older. Applications will be accepted until September 1, 2018 If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of the other mods Click here to apply
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro - Episode 6 [Spoiler, Discussion]
Discussion thread for Chiochan no Tsuugakuro episode 6. You can find/watch Chiochan no Tsuugakuro episode 6 at the following sites: Official Site Crunchyroll Hulu What do you think about the episode? "Senpai ita." She practicin' that good good kabaddi. And she still missin' that good, good butt. That master wants that good good happiness, which made Kabaddi girl enlightened. "I want... to grope some ass" She gropin' Chio's ass with yodel playing in the background. Good shit. Chio tryin' her hardest to go back to the street, They both fallin'. They goin' to fall together lol. Chio's cryin'. Its so fucking cute. And they're fallin together. Almost. And its over, damn we only have two skits this episode, huh. Time sure passes by fast. Next week when?
Lists defaulting to recently added everytime you click thtough to them
I'm not sure if this is really a bug, but I would like to change list defaults to alphabetical sorting. I know I can already do this by selecting title on the sort menu, but how do I make it so it doesn't change back to last added?
♫ Rate the anime opening/ending theme right above you ♫
Just as the title said, you must rate the opening that has been recently posted
New User Intro Thread - Welcome!
Introduce yourself : A short bio of who you are, what you like or just say hi if you'd prefer.