Shukofukurou - Native Mac/iOS/iPadOS App for AniList

220 220 Shukofukurou is a native lightweight and open source multi service Anime and Manga Library management application for macOS and iOS that supports AniList which allows you to manage your libraries easily from your Mac iPhone or iPad. You can search and view title information add new titles import lists from different services and more. Since I use the app and receive donations both the Mac and iOS version will receive frequent updates. macOS Version Screenshots iOS Version We are open source and our Github repo can be viewed here Mac Version and here iOS Version Support our Project If you want to support this project check out our donation page or support us on Patreon to find out how. For automatic list update feature based on what you are watching check out Hachidori Shukofukurou for iOS will become free once we reach our Patreon goal of 20 or more a month for at least three months or more. Downloads Download Mac Version If you want to support our development of this App you can download the full version with donorexclusive features on the Mac App Store Download on the Mac App Store Download iOS Version on the App Store Mac: Current Version is 3.6 and requires macOS 11 or later. iOS: Current version is 2.2 and requires iOS/iPadOS 14 or later. Note that some features like Manga List management Profile and Character browser is reserved for people who donated to the project as a way to thank the user for supporting the project. The iOS version is paid app 2.99 to cover distribution costs and also support costs for future development of the apps. Future updates on the official App Store version is free. However you may compile your own version for free by obtaining the source code Note: Free Apple Developer accounts can only run the app on your iOS device for 7 days before you need to recompile it unless you have a paid Apple Developer Account.. These are features that are time consuming to implement. Moreover the Apple Developers Program is required to distribute applications such as code signing the application so it wont cause issues with GateKeeper and distributing the app on the iOS App Store. This costs 99 a year including tax and its not free even if you distribute open source application. Without the program I wont be able to continue developing the application since there is no way to distribute it. However the community version is available for iOS users for free which contains most of the features without support easy updates from the App Store and a few missing features read below for more info. Official beta builds through TestFlight are only available for active patrons and people who downloaded the App. To request access become an active patron and there should be an invite link. Note that you must maintain an active pledge. These restrictions only apply to the official binary and not the source code which is free as in freedom. You are free to compile from source if you want these features for free since its open source. For iOS version those with an Apple Developers Account may sideload the Community Version using tools like Cydia Impactor and use the app for free with most of the features except for list syncing and Scrobble share extension for an unlimited amount of time. This is only recommended for advanced users only and not recommended for free developer accounts. Also you wont be notified for updates and you would need to check for updates on the Github release page. Releases found on Github Testing Beta Versions of Shukofukurou. For macOS these releases are obtainable on Github. They are marked as prerelease releases and will run independently from the main application as Shukofukurou Next. App Store users can unlock the donor features in the beta releases. Alpha releases are only available for active patrons. Tests versions of Sukofukurou for macOS which has a redesigned interface for macOS Big Sur is currently for active patrons Public beta coming this summer. For iOS beta builds are restricted to active patrons. This is mostly because we have to release through TestFlight which the invite is only available to active patrons who support the development of our apps monthly. If you want to help test new iOS releases while supporting future development of our apps see our Patreon page for details. Current Features AniList Anime and Manga List Management with Custom List support and ability to edit notes reconsume count privacy and start/end dates. Ability to Search for titles and view Information on Anime and Manga including Advanced Search You can search for Characters and Staff when you use AniList as an active service Standard on iOS Donors only on the Mac version Airing/Publishing List in the Users Anime/Manga Library Season and Airing Browser Ability to view character cast and staff information from a title Read reviews on a title Import Lists from MyAnimeList AniDB and Kitsu Mac version only Export lists to MyAnimeList XML CSV and JSON. CSV and JSON options for donors only in the Mac version View List Statistics View Profiles and Lists from other users. Mac version only Trending Section Airing Notifications Mac version donors only standard on iOS Light and Dark Mode Support Scrobbling on iOS via Share iOS only Crunchyroll App Safari Crunchyroll VRV Hidive Funimation Funimation App 100 native and light weight no Electron crap and excessive memory usage iOS/iPadOS 14 compatibility Native Dark Mode support for iOS 13 Ability to save exported lists to cloud and local storage iOS 13 Update History Enhanced Mouse/Trackpad/Haptic.Support Reauthorization Feature Universal Binary 2/Apple Silicon Support macOS Big Sur Support Update MyAnimeList API to v3 View a list of streaming sites where you can watch a title legally. Big Sur UI enhancements/SF Symbols 3.6.x macOS release Coming Later List Syncing Donors only standard on iOS The ability to hide and show additional columns in list view macOS only Viewing User Profiles iOS/iPadOS Ability to view more Trending titles Ability to read user notifications Ability to modify profile inside the app Update History syncing between devices Social Features Currently Airing Next Episode Countdown
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